About Therapedic®

Therapedic® factories have been manufacturing mattresses for 60 years and are world renowned for quality and innovation excellence.

Therapedic® has become one of the worldwide top selling mattresses. With its continual research and development Therapedic® applies its knowledge to develop innovative support systems and comfort layers to design sleep products that provide superior comfort, superb quality and enduring value.

To maintain Therapedic’s award-winning superiority in product engineering and construction, all Therapedic® licensees must adhere to rigid world-wide standards of product quality manufacturing to specifications monitored by international headquarters.  

Global Brand

54 mattress factories located across six continents including 3 in Australia and 2 in New Zealand provides support and peace of mind to Therapedic consumers wherever they may be.

Certified Technology

Thera-Zone® | PERMA-Grip Handles® | 3-Spring Tempered system | Edge to edge comfort TRI-EDGE® | Hour Glass® Back support technologies unique to Therapedic products for 60 years.

Premium Materials

Sourcing materials from our Therapedic worldwide partners. Therapedic’s quality, unique premium bedding benefits and features utilise advanced engineering to provide superb support and comfort.

Therapedic® Brands

Only Therapedic® assures you of exclusive product benefits with award winning quality and value.
Fit for your body.
Eco Touch
Embrace nature for a perfect night’s sleep
Wrapped Coil Technology
The best value in orthopaedic support
Comfort Touch
No Partner Disturbance ... Restful Sleep
Experience bedding innovation
100% Natural Supportive Comfort
Additional Support Where You Need It Most... It's BackSense®
The next generation of comfort
Innergy™ GEL
Interactive Comfort System
Experience Luxurious Support and Comfort with MemoryTouch
With THERAPEDIC™ COMMERCIAL the rest is easy

Therapedic® International Products

We have created a range for our International customers which encapsulates all of Australia’s finest and premium materials. Our overseas consumers can enjoy all the natural comfort and support Australia’s most unique bedding materials have to offer.

Uniquely Therapedic®

Therapedic® has and continues to source the most technologically advanced materials from across the globe. We pride ourselves on providing high quality sleep surfaces suitable for everyone's budget and comfort level.

Product Guarantee

Product Guarantee

Quality Manufacture

With constant research and product testing, Therapedic means quality you can trust. Therapedic® mattresses and matching foundations are engineered to work together to provide the finest sleep system available. We source premium materials, both locally and internationally, to provide the finest quality bedding for our discerning Therapedic®customers.

Product Guarantee

Durability & Guarantee

Quality is foremost in mind when we craft our mattresses.  Every product we make is proudly backed by the best guarantee in its class.  This guarantee is for the full duration of the number of years stated. To find the guarantee specific to your product, refer to the guarantee card and/or your retail supplier.


Issue with your product?


In the first instance, reading the Guarantee Card that came with your sleep product can be helpful.
It may be beneficial to contact the retail store from where you purchased your sleep product. In the event your retailer cannot assist or you can’t reach your retailer, please contact the Therapedic factory for your region or complete the query form at the bottom of this page and it will be forwarded to the appropriate factory, who will then contact you.

Therapedic® Locations

Therapedic® International based in New Jersey, USA is the Head office, of the global brand Therapedic.

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